Once you purchase your first movie, you will create a password protected ACCOUNT.  All your movies will be stored there. You can stream them or you can download them to your computer. Your order will not be expiring.


Through your Account you can more easily purchase additional movies. No need to re-enter your credit card and billing information. All you will need is CVV2 number (security code from the back of your card) to complete the purchase.

Your credit card information is safely stored with the billing company


All movies are offered in WMV format, best for saving on your computer.
Most movies are offered as MP4 format best for streaming on your IPhone. 
You can see what format is offered for each movie in the movie description.


To save a movie to your computer all you do is; right click on download button and then click on Save Link As...,, pick a location on your computer. Movie will be saved there.


Use search and categories pull out menu to find exactly what you are looking for.


Keep in mind you can always access your movies in the password protected MY ACCOUNT page. That is the best option for Iphones that do not allow saving movies or if you just don’t want to save the movies on your device.


Q: Do I have to have an account to purchase the movies?
A: Yes, you have to sign up for the password protected account when you make first purchase.


Q: Why do I need an account?
A:  Your movies will be stored in the account so you can always access them.
      It is easier to make additional purchases as billing company keeps your information.


Q: Is my credit card re-billed?
A: No. It is not membership. Nothing is re-billed. You are only billed once you make a purchase.


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